FAQ #5: I think I've been hacked. What must I do?

I'm sorry you have had your account hacked. I recommend you complete Google's Security Checklist.

At the very minimum, I would change my password for the account and any of the other services you use that have the same password. You can read how to change your password for Jesuits.Net here.

I would would also strongly recommend that you check your mail filters and see if the hacker created a filter to forward your mail to his/her address. (This would be so that they would receive copies of any future reset password requests). You should delete any filters that you have not created. You can read more about creating, editing and deleting mail filters here.

I would further strongly recommend that you enable Two-Factor Authentication to properly secure your account. You can find out more about how to do this at: https://www.google.ca/landing/2step/

Lastly, I would check the account to see if it was involved in any suspicious activity. This will tell you if someone has tried to log into your account from another device or country etc. You can read more about this at here.

You should set a recovery email and recovery phone number so that if you get locked out of your account, or if someone attempts to login from a different location, it will require a confirmation code that was sent to one of those places. You can read more about this here - but you should also check to see that someone has not put their details as your recovery email or phone number.