FAQ #1: How to create an Account with Jesuits.net

An username@jesuits.net  email account is available for any current member of the Society of Jesus, worldwide.

We currently have over 1,800 accounts from almost every Province in the Society.

To create an account please do two things:

  1. Please ask two other Jesuits who already have a Jesuits.net account to send an email from their Jesuits.net account to accountsNOSPAM@jesuits.net (remove NOSPAM) attesting that you are a member of the Society of Jesus (if you are a Novice, one of the attestations must come from your Novice Master, who must agree to inform us if you end up leaving the Society before taking First Vows). If there is nobody in your Province that you are aware of whom you can ask to vouch for you, please email accountsNOSPAM@jesuits.net   (remove NOSPAM) and we will consider your application on a case-by-case basis. (Remember, you can find out which Jesuits have a Jesuits.Net email address by consulting your Province's latest Catalogue.)

When they send their email, they should include

  • Your Full Name
  • Your requested email address
  • Their own 
    • Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
    • Date of entry (dd-mm-yyyy)
    • Date of ordination (dd-mm-yyyy) (if applicable)

   2. Email the following information to accountsNOSPAM@jesuits.net (remove NOSPAM).

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Desired username @jesuits.net
  • Province
  • Full Name of Provincial
  • Current Mission (stage of formation or place of work)
  • Current Location (community, city, country)
  • Alternate email address (not a @jesuits.net account)
  • Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Date of entry (dd-mm-yyyy)
  • Date of ordination (dd-mm-yyyy) (if applicable)
  • Place of Novitiate (community name, city, country)
  • Place of Tertianship (if applicable: community name, city, country)

The Volunteers at Jesuits.net will endeavour to verify and create your account as quickly as possible. Our volunteers are currently assigned to other missions so please be patient. Quite often this work is done late at night or at certain times during the week.